Tuesday, January 05, 2010

patni prakop or the enraged wife - with reason too!

Obviously, shiney ahuja is a man behind his times... or maybe salaciousness really is the oldest sin! a series of postcards from 1910. captions were helpfully in gujarati, marathi and english!

'tarun daasi' or 'the young maid servant'

'pratham darshan' or 'at first sight'

'aalingan' or 'how sweet you are!'

'chup! maari stri, maari stri! / maajhi baayko! maajhi baayko!' or 'shh! my wife, my wife!'
notice the floury prints on his coat. remember them.

'hey kaay?' or 'what is this?' remember the floury prints?

'patni prakop' or 'wife enraged'

'khota bachaav' or 'false defense' see the spilt flour on the maid's legs?

'kaadi muki' or 'rajaa dili' / 'dismissed!'

'mandharni' or 'manamanu' / 'reconciliation at last!'

'navi daasi' / 'the new servant!'


Batul said...

These are fab! Why on earth were these printed?? Moral science. Or sheer fun.

Anita and Amit Vachharajani said...

an early form of the graphic novel perhaps? or like a newspaper comic? what would you do - send them one-a-week to friends... :)

Lazy Pineapple said...

heheh good way to teach the hubby not to cheat ;) very nice.

dipali said...

Absolutely brilliant!

dipali said...
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Priya said...

Where in the world do you guys find these gems? Amazing!

Haddock said...

This is a good one.

Pipa said...

Very nice! enjoyed it Thanks.

Anonymous said...
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