Saturday, September 23, 2006

Illustration Friday - Phobia

My first post for Illustration Friday, after a year of watching from the sidelines!
This is an illustration I did last week for Time Out, Mumbai. It's about new mothers and their phobias about parenting. Being a first-time parent myself, I think it fits in perfectly with this week's theme - the Little Godzillas do manage to inspire lots of phobic feelings in us poor parents!

Friday, September 22, 2006

New Scholastic book!

My latest children's book from Scholastic arrived today! The Mystery of the Secret Hair Oil Formula is by Asha Nehemiah. It is about a swashbuckling Granny (Paati in Tamil) and her amazing invention - a super hair-growth tonic!
I did all the illustrations in pen and ink - my trusty old Rotring Rapidographs - and the cover was colored digitally. This style evolved from my endless doodling. I always thought that you needed a more 'polished' style to to illustrate for children. But it turns out that this style works really well too - the more quirky, the more kids like it!
I only wish Scholastic-India books were available in book shops here and were not just sold through school networks. The pleasure of seeing one's books on a display counter is quite something else...
Some illustrations from the book: