Monday, October 05, 2009

Stick a fork in me, ’cause I’m done!

Just heard from our publisher that Amazing India has sold 7000 copies! It has gone into reprint already - in just 3 short months! We are so thrilled, and a bit dazed. It’s nice to know that in just 3 months the book has managed to reach so many children. Big thanks to the folks at Scholastic for such a wonderful job – at both printing it well and at using their school network to ensure that the book was really OUT there! All we wish for now is that it would be picked up by retail stores as well.

We worked on Amazing India at a time of great personal loss and sorrow, and it was sheer grit that kept us going. But the book was also a wonderful distraction, absorbing us entirely into itself, like a dark, comforting current.

There are many reviews like the one in the Timeout, the Deccan Herald, in the CLCD, the Newshouse and Robinage.

Don't their word for it, though, and go out and order your own copy at a bookstore near you!(Some stores have it, but others need a small prod to make them procure it...)