Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Oddballs, seedballs and Monet

Reading about BMC making people sign a petition for a toilet in the face of criticism from the Heritage Committee. So much bally cheek that is! This is the same corporation which doesn't maintain the gardens, loos, or municipal pools that it already has... The same article mentions a loo two minutes away which is in a dilapidated state. Why isn't that being renovated with some of the 50 lakh rupees being spent on this new one (by, not to miss, a 'kindly' builder)? Why must everything we do be so narrow in vision and focus, and so exclusivist somehow? Why is it either the loo or unspoilt heritage? Why, for once, can it not be both - so that one is not sacrificed for the other? Why are we perennially at war with ourselves? Shouldn't the city - with its precious monuments, mudflats, salt pans and its fragile green cover - come before interests like those of builders, babus and other fatcats?
Deep breath.
Ok, also found this blog thru a link that Hansa had sent. It's about Guerilla Gardening - the only way for us to go in this city, I think ! GG is where - if you're green and you care for the city - you use clever, fairly secret things like seed balls (aka seed bombs!) to convert vacant lots into gardens! Ha! Sucks to you, State!
And also on this site, a peek into Monet's beautiful garden - it's like so much ambrosia for the eyes!

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