Thursday, June 14, 2007

Girlz and the Good...

When I was young and giddy, I read Linda Goodman. No, I didn't so much read her books as I inhaled them, walking around in a psychedelic cloud of weird, astro-erotica, well-cushioned in mellow marketting... I usually read up Scorpio-Taurus and Scorpio-Aries and all those more exciting ones, and felt this delicious frisson (shows what a loser love-life I had, dunnit?). Finally, out of boredom one day I read Scorpio-Gemini and shuddered. It sounded scary. Well, why wouldn't it? My mom's Gemini. Avoid Gemini men, I sternly instructed myself; Linda Aunty says they are too different. Then I grew up, grew out of Linda, and much later, met Amit; full-blown Gemini, with his birthday a mere two days away from my mom's. Resolutions never work, and here we are.

Suddenly, after all these years and so many lessons in life later, I thought of the uber-trashy Love Signs yesterday. Why, you ask. Well, we're making a Big Buy, the first time we're getting into a loan situation, and I am all a-twitter. To say that I am risk-averse is to merely skim the tippiest tip of the iceberg. I am not cautious, mind you, I'm just superstitious and terrified of money matters. And Amit isn't just my diametric opposite; he's not just more confident in the process than me. He's positively blithe. He has faith in people, that they won't gyp him; that if we do enough ground-work, we can't be gypped. See, that's where we differ. I know the universe is out there, waiting with an anvil to drop on my head as I pass under a conveniently-located cliff. No matter what we do, I know we're going to be robbed blind, and - shudder - I know we don't have what it takes to stop Them.

So after nearly two months of obsessive, mind-numbing research, worrying and fretting (these last two on my part alone) and fighting (again, mine was the main voice), we finally did the deed yesterday. We came home, after the whole soul-sapping exercise, me feeling like a spent, limp dishrag, and Amit looking his cheery self.

It struck me then that he's this smiling, blithe spirit who hops from cloud-to-cloud, positive that their silver linings are at least a foot wide. I'm this dark, sulking spirit who lurks under the earth's crust, thinking bitter thoughts with a furrowed brow, and examining stray silver linings for the grey clouds attached.

The image made me smile. Till I realized that it has a touch of La Goodman to it. Clearly, you can take the girl away from the Goodman, but you can't take the Goodman out of her. And this on the day I discover that Surabhi has tagged me as a Thinking Blogger. I could have timed it better, no?


Space Bar said...

what took you so long, girl?! those awards were handed out ages ago!

and i so indentify with the dark, brooding, suspicious behemoth waiting to find out (too late) what the catch was.

hope there aren't any; hope amit's touching faith in humanity (combined with a little hard-headed research!)is well-founded. good luck! :D

SUR NOTES said...

i am the one with my head in the clouds sniffing the silver lining. george is the one examining it from down below.
these big decisions terrify me because of all the research that needs to go into it. and george salivates at the thought of the research.

irrespective- we get gypped! and these loan things are the worst!

display the award!

anita & amit said...

space bar, we were on celebratory mode - amit's bday and all! plus other confusions, and so the delay... lucky you, sur, that at least one of you salivates at the research!trying to display the award, don't know how to! please to tell...

Mary said...

I'm sorry, I happened to be Googling trashy astrology when I found this story (it's like the mental equivalent of junk food for me - I know it's crap but I can't resist it). Your post made me laugh so hard because I also TOTALLY remember reading "Love Signs," which is like the motherlode of astro-trash: to continue with my junk food metaphor, it's like a Ho-Ho, a Ding-Dong and a bag of Fritos all rolled into one. I'm also a Scorpio and I loved reading the chapter about how I apparently like to cry during sex with Cancer men. (And by "loved" I mean "hit a new low.")

Anyway, your post brought back some funny memories. Best of luck with your loan situation!!