Friday, August 14, 2009

come here, i say!

since no one will ever accuse me of being too feminine, and since n is growing up to be smthing of a geek, i find i have no problems with feminine tropes the school sometimes explores for festivals like janmashtami. [though i must say i also loved the fact that on rakhi, teachers tied cheerful thread for them all - n's had a rabbit on it - and then said, 'thank you, dear sisters' to n and her kind. having sat and made the rakhis with the boys, the girls would have been cheesed off if none had been tied on, i guess.]

anyway, this is the song they were supposed to be dancing to today.

said in a sweetly sing-song voice:

come here, my dear, krishna-kanhaiyya,
maine tere liye hriday mein hai
mandir banaya
dudh, dahi, maakhan hai tere liye banaya.

there must be more of this poetry - there has to be - but it has been forgotten in the school-less days. they had learnt 'steps and stuff' as n calls it. walking like gopis - one hand on head, one on waist, and with a lachak (or a wiggle). and shocked finger-wagging towards young krishna + throwing / dropping of the cardboard matki or pot when he thows a paper ball. 'anju teacher' had been making the cardboard pots and colouring them too. (another note will someday be written on how much these teachers slog man, how much cutting and sticking they must do, for example!)

for some reason, young krishna had been told to cover his eyes in anger and then open them. there must be some deep stuff here, only our eavesdropping gopi seems to have forgotten the details.

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