Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Because I can't bear to write...'s another photo post. N and her father discovered a train of ants in our jade plant. So this delicious-looking soap solution was made (using the tandurusti ki raksha karne wala Lifebuoy) to pour on the plants. Ironically, the jade's leaves were ruthlessly plucked by n and shucked into the solution, making it a lovely Zen-like discovery of a morning for me. When you're feeling as low as I am, even small things give pause for thought.

N, meanwhile, has been feeling triumphantly evil over her 'cruelty' and has cast herself in the role of a witch. She keeps humming to herself as she sprays the plants: 'Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle / I'm here to pour Lifebuoy water on you...' Struck by the lurid strawberriness of the potion, she rushed and got a sticker of a strawberry and stuck it on the outside of the plastic container so that, she said excitedly, 'the ants will see it and think it's a tasty strawberry milkshake, and then they'll drink it!' I could almost hear the mean 'muwahahaha' laugh in her voice.

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