Friday, September 28, 2007

Magic in the pot

Walked into the loo bleary-eyed last morning feeling bitterly tired (am not a morning person) and saw a gorgeous dragonfly on the door frame. It had lovely diaphanous wings and a red, lipstick red, deep scarlet body. Like a bloodied, aerodynamic dart. I called n and she dashed in. It was exactly at her eye level and she was thrilled. I wondered aloud why it had come there (because though we have lots of pretty birds outside, even owls, coppersmiths and golden orioles, I've never spotted a dragonfly before). So question asked, and big silence followed. I sleepily formed the thought in my head, 'It's landed to die of course, poor thing...' when n pops up with a "It's come to do susu." Of course, why else would it be in the loo?

This morning, she was shown a snail in the loo, a medium-sized, active little bugger with a tingling pair of antennas. Last night Amit spotted it on one wall (how had it reached the second floor, for god's sake?). It had circumnavigated the loo - if you can do that with a rectangle - and n spotted it this morning on the ceiling. Now she thinks of the loo as an extension of her park, Diamond Garden, with the gogalgaays and the dragonflys. (Gogalgaay is marathi for snail - I just love the word. So much more evocative than the English!)

Why the sudden influx of the insect world? Amit's theory is that maybe the white light of the new CFL is attracting them. Or maybe we've had them before but never paid them attention - this is the first time we're making a really big deal bec of n, our captive audience. You are welcome to add some of your own!


hansa said...

I think I am going to become a blog reader , these both are lovely blogs.
the word 'blog' incidentally, is much too close to bog, no? what is its yeti- mology?

this was a lovely blog ani, and de previous one.

hansa said...

this is very lovely, ani, you are fwine!! writer.
i might get addicted to reading the blog, like this.
by the way, what is the yeti-mology of the word, blog..
sounds similar to the bog that n's snail and dragonfly visit..
why 'blog' - is it a acronym?

velly lovely posht, this one, and very lovely photo, beautiful photo.
must not gush about friends.
shall stop

randheer vasavada said...

hey in gujarati we call it 'Gokalgaay'. ok bye.