Friday, March 31, 2006

Back to the drawing board!

No post from the illustrator half in a long time. Been busy busy with some filming assignments (the rozi-roti) and lots of illustration work. A Ladybird title for Puffin and a book of Animal stories for Scholastic, two covers for Puffin/ Penguin, and not to mention a mega-24 illustration assignment for Time Out, Mumbai.

The Ladybird book was the most eventful, with the art director scrapping ALL the illustrations submitted in the first round (12 spreads)! Kaboom!! A month’s work down the drain! But the art director said that she knew I was capable of delivering better stuff. The worst thing was that I knew she was right. The illustrations were just not happening – no apparent style, not great watercolor work and no character. An illustrator’s nightmare, in short. Just gritted my teeth and started off on the fresh lot. Don’t play safe – that was the mantra I gave myself – go OverTheTop!

After investing in a new set of water-colours, getting some good paper and waking up at 4am every day, I had a pretty good set to send off for approval. After a couple of days the reply came. “We all love it! Go ahead with the rest!” the art director said. Hurrah! Hallelujah!

Note to myself (and fellow illustrators!): Don’t be complacent, don’t be afraid to experiment and don’t be disheartened if somebody says your work is shit…and most importantly – don’t skimp on art-materials! Here are two illustrations from the new lot. The old ones now line the loo-window to stop the pigeons from invading… They too are scared of the baaaad illustrations!


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Elizabeth said...

I love these illusrations! I wish that you posted the rejected ones to though LOL It is very comforting to know that fellow illustrators have spells of less than brilliant creativity occasionally. Your artwork is really great. I am a new fan ^__^